How to set it up & for how long.

Fruit trees need a significantly different amount of water than vegetable beds, so what’s the best way to prepare for that?

In-line drip tubing is a great option because trees like deep watering. That means we usually want to water slowly and for a long amount of time. That minimizes runoff and lets the water seep down to the roots.

Garden beds, on the other hand, need a much shallower watering relatively. It depends on the roots of your plant, and training your veggies to have deep roots is beneficial, especially in hotter climates, but it’s still not going to be as deep as a fruit tree.

Use a T coupler to link up your drip line to the poly tubing. Your irrigation should match the tree’s dripline, meaning it should be about the circumference of the trees branches and leaves.

We’re also looking to be water-wise, especially here in Southern California. Using dripline is effective & efficient, and we’ll be watering about three times a week for half an hour each time.

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