Gardening Questions

Why start a garden?

There are many reasons to start your own garden. Some may simply want more control over the food they eat. Others may find gardening to be a peaceful hobby. Yet still others may want to become completely self-sufficient and independent of traditional store shopping. Whatever reason you may want to begin gardening, it is a good one, so go for it!

Can I grow a garden with only limited space?

You can grow a surprising amount of food in a relatively small space. With proper planning and care anyone can supplement their diets with their very own homegrown produce.

Is gardening going to save me money?

The answer is both yes and no. Obviously, there is an initial cost to getting a garden built. Beyond that this question gets a bit complicated. We must first remember that commodity crops (common grocery store faire) are heavily subsidized by our government, which makes the cost at the store unrealistically low. When growing your food at home, you will have to pay for the water needed, seeds or seedling starts, and tools. Here at Yard to Table Creations, we believe that you are either going to pay for good, quality, nutritious food that will promote your good health, or you are going to end up spending that money visiting the doctor. To try to accurately determine whether you are saving or spending more money is tough to quantify. How do you put a price on a healthy body and mind?

What can I grow in my garden?

The short answer is anything you want. Obviously, there is more to it than that. This is very much determined by season and location. Doing some research about your local climate and talking with someone who has experience gardening in your area are great ways to learn what to grow and when.

How do I start a garden?

There are many ways to garden, for example, raised beds, container gardening, row crops, hydroponics, aquaponics and more. Always start with a plan and do some research. You can hire someone to help you get things built.

How much does it cost to build a home garden?

There is a way to build a garden on ANY budget! If you can get a bit creative you can build a successful garden completely out of recycled/reused materials. Or you can also invest a sizable amount of money into starting your garden. Neither option is necessarily better than the other. The first question to ask yourself is “What do I need out of a garden? “After that there are hundreds of ways to achieve your goal. I highly recommend talking to a knowledgeable person before you invest too much money.

Organic and Sustainable Garden Solutions

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Urban Gardens

Yard to Table Creations brings years of gardening and culinary expertise into your home. We design, build, maintain and harvest your garden for you right on your own property. Each time we visit, you will have a delicious assortment of garden produce harvested from your yard. We also provide opportunities for you to garden right along with us! We will teach you how to tend your garden and help you get creative in the kitchen with the produce we grow together.

Gardening Services

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We work hand in hand with local schools to provide outdoor garden classrooms. We consult with each school to tailor their gardens to their specific needs. Teaching the children where their food comes from and creating that connection at a young age is crucial to helping them develop healthy habits as adults. We create full-circle curriculums taking the children on a journey from seed to plate.

School Programs

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We believe we can better our communities through food access and gardening. We run several urban gardens for local nonprofits and donate hundreds of pounds of the food we grow to various groups of underserved community members, for example, kids aging out of foster care who are left primarily on their own, families with limited financial means, and members of local mentoring programs.

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Anza Elementary-School

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