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We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you create and maintain a beautiful, healthy garden year-round.

Yard Analysis

Start with a comprehensive analysis of your soil, space, sunlight, and other environmental factors and compare them to your gardening goals. We will arm you with the knowledge you need to succeed.


Sometimes, all you need is an expert to provide answers to all your food and garden questions. No searching, guessing and hoping the information is relevant to your specific San Diego Microclimate or soil chemistry. We know this place, we can teach you.

Harvesting, Care and Maintenance

We do it all, you just chop, cook, and eat. This is our full-service option. We plan, plant, and harvest with expert care and insight. This allows you the full benefit of European-style hyper-local food, gardening interest optional. 

Custom Design & Installation

We know it can be a hurdle to set up a fully functional garden from scratch. We help you achieve your gardening goals with our design and installation services. We’ll get your edible landscape up and running, then pass the spade to you.

Planter Box Installation

We tailor the planter boxes to your unique needs and space. Once fully set up, we teach you how to get the most out of your edible gardening space.

Chef Inspired Services

This is our top of the line package intended to remove all hurdles to growing and eating your own home-grown, hyper-local food. We will plant, maintain, and prepare your items for cooking or eating direct from the soil. Our love of growing food sprouted fro the love of cooking and eating it – so let our expert chefs do all the chopping. You just enjoy.

Organic and Sustainable Garden Solutions

san diego urban garden

Urban Gardens

Yard to Table Creations brings years of gardening and culinary expertise into your home. We design, build, maintain and harvest your garden for you right on your own property. Each time we visit, you will have a delicious assortment of garden produce harvested from your yard. We also provide opportunities for you to garden right along with us! We will teach you how to tend your garden and help you get creative in the kitchen with the produce we grow together.

Gardening Services

kids working in a school garden


We work hand in hand with local schools to provide outdoor garden classrooms. We consult with each school to tailor their gardens to their specific needs. Teaching the children where their food comes from and creating that connection at a young age is crucial to helping them develop healthy habits as adults. We create full-circle curriculums taking the children on a journey from seed to plate.

School Programs

lettuce in a raised garden bed


We believe we can better our communities through food access and gardening. We run several urban gardens for local nonprofits and donate hundreds of pounds of the food we grow to various groups of underserved community members, for example, kids aging out of foster care who are left primarily on their own, families with limited financial means, and members of local mentoring programs.

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Anza Elementary-School
Anza Elementary-School

Let’s Grow Together!

Start with a free comprehensive yard analysis to determine the best solution to give you fresh delicious food, whether it’s at your home, school or business.

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