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At Yard to Table Creations we have developed a comprehensive program to show children the magical world of gardening and food preparation. We consult with and work hand in hand with each school individually. We provide the behind the scenes support to your school’s garden curriculum and culinary programs. We maintain the garden, take care of all planting, harvesting, seed propagation, supply the class and kids with plenty of hands on experience in the dirt, and help to develop a primal love and appreciation for the cultivation of edible gardens.

We believe that gardening is the first step to a healthy lifestyle and healthy life choices. The garden exposes kids to a world of plants, bugs, soil microbes, and fun with each season. The children learn to appreciate their food in a different way. The direct connection to the soil gives the kids the sense of where their food really comes from: the ground, not the store. They will also develop a sense of ownership and a real bond to their food as they experience their seeds becoming seedlings, planting those seedlings in the garden, caring and tending their plants as they grow big and fruitful, and finally harvesting and eating the food they worked so hard for. These experiences lead kids to be less apprehensive about new foods or even foods they may have not been willing to eat previously. Gardening replaces fear of the unknown with positive knowledge about how their food got to their plates and why it tastes so good!

kids working in a school garden

We currenlty are working with:

Language Academy a public school in the San Diego Unified School

Our Work

Helping to develop a primal love and appreciation for the cultivation of edible gardens.

kids working in a school garden
kids working in a school garden

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Anza Elementary-School
Anza Elementary-School

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