Are you installing irrigation in your yard or garden? We’re tackling a new project, so follow along to see how we do it.

On this property, we’re watering for a few different areas: fruit trees, a lawn, and raised beds.

That means very different needs for each section, so we’re always going to start with a plan. If you’re doing this in your yard, I recommend creating a simple map to know where you want your lines to run. I also like to draw it out with some paint!

A manifold will allow us to control each section individually which ensures there will be enough water pressure available. Your manifold should be out of the way enough but still accessible.

We’re starting off with marking the lines for the three sections of the garden & raised beds. We have a main line that we branch out from. Alongside that, we have the lines for the trees and lawn.

If you have a large yard, you may need to break the watering area into 2 or more zones. Consider what kind of emitters you have and the water pressure needed (ex. a sprinkler vs a drip line).

Now that you have your map and a plan, you can move onto the next step that everyone loves: trenching!

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